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The National Task Force on Accessible Materials Innovation supports the academic success of students with disabilities by promoting the production of accessible educational materials.

Organizations Represented

Working Groups

Accessibility Information Portal (A11y Facts)

The A11y Facts Portal is meant to meet the need of publishers, post-secondary students with disabilities, and related stakeholders, for consistent and transparent display of information regarding the accessibility of textbooks and other instructional materials.


This group will work closely with CAMI staff to ensure that publishing industry perspectives are accurately reflected in the portal design and implementation. An ongoing series of document reviews, revisions, and discussions will be used to engage group members in the process and allow for rapid incorporation of feedback in to project iterations. The group will participate in the earliest rounds of user testing and continue to be involved throughout the process.

Student/Consumer Survey Group

The goal of this group is to launch the first comprehensive survey focused on the reading related needs and preferences of post-secondary students with print related disabilities, especially in regard to how fulfillment, or lack of fulfillment, of those needs and preferences influences their academic success.


The initial premise of this project is that the Book Industry Study Group (, is currently the organization best situated to carry out a survey of this nature, as it has conducted other student surveys and includes many post-secondary publishers as members. The group will work with the BISG to determine if the organization is capable, willing, and ready to undertake the survey. If this is not the case an alternate strategy will also be developed. In addition, the group will collect and develop survey questions and reach out to students and consumer groups to ensure the survey will be as inclusive and incisive as possible.

Accessible Publishing Ecosystem

Since the AIM Commission report in 2011, the idea has become widely accepted that students with print disabilities will enjoy equal opportunity and access to education when the instructional materials they need, such as textbooks, online platforms, etc., are available in accessible formats at the same time and cost as those available to all other students. The CAMI Task force identified several ways to facilitate the development of a market for accessible instructional materials. This working group is charged with reaching out to educational publishing stakeholders to build understanding and support for the A11y Facts label, the Survey of Consumers with Print Disabilities, and other CAMI projects and initiatives as appropriate.


The working group will pursue the following objectives:

  • Identify key stakeholders and opportunities for communication, either by attending conferences or initiating meetings.
  • Discuss potential sites for the next Task force face to face meeting with a focus on leveraging the meeting to reach other stakeholders.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to promote adoption and support of the projects.

CAMI Student Council

The CAMI Student Council [final name TBD] will consist of post-secondary students with print disabilities, who will be recruited from the Project 31 research intervention group. Additional members may be recruited from other sources as needed. The purpose of the Council is to provide a variety of student perspectives on CAMI projects including those of the Task force.


The scope and sequence of Council projects will be determined based on outcomes of the Task force work groups as well as other CAMI activities. Preliminary project ideas include:

  • Review of the A11y Facts project to ensure project specifications are aligned with student needs and expectations.
  • Review of the student survey in regards to the nature of questions included in the survey and the approach to the target audience.
  • Participation in Task force working group meetings, as requested.



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