The training and technical assistance team focuses on supporting students and staff on the usage of accessibile materials and technology

The CAMI Training team will produce and provide ongoing training and technical support modules related to research activities. The majority of training modules will be created with screen captures of the software platforms, such as the office C-PORT management application, and available to Disability Service Providers and students (where appropriate) on demand.

All modules will be accessible, with an average length per module of three minutes. Some complex topics will be broken into sub-modules, while others may be combined as the trainings are developed.

  • CAMI Welcome Video Introduction

    The welcome video will include an overview of the CAMI project and timeline, a description of the CAMI Coordinator tasks, student C-Port information, information about student recruitment, a brief introduction to CAMI and a description of other research activities.
  • Orientation Webinar

    The orientation webinar will offer participating institutions an overview of the CAMI project.
  • C-Port (sub-module training videos)

    C-Port training will include how to set-up a profile, entering of student grades, and usage of other C-port features.
  • Financial Compensation

    Information related to financial compensation for participation in the CAMI project for the institution's designated CAMI coordinator and participating students will be located in the CAMI wiki under Payment. This topic will explain policies, process and schedules.