A First in the World Grant

For college students with print-related disabilities at minority serving institutions

The Georgia Institute of Technology created the Center for Accessible Materials Innovation (CAMI) to develop creative solutions that will improve the retention and graduation rates of students with disabilities who face accessibility barriers, with a focus on Minority Serving Institutions (MSI).

One of the main challenges CAMI addresses is that 31 percent of students with disabilities are likely to drop out, while others will take longer to graduate, compared to students without disabilities.

The CAMI initiatives include:

  •   Research to explore the academic experiences of students with print-related disabilities.
  •   Training on accessibility issues related to instructional materials.
  •   A National Task Force to develop an application to display accessibility information about instructional materials.
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The Center for Accessible Materials Innovation (CAMI) is operated by the Georgia Institute of Technology AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center. AMAC Accessibility's mission is to improve the human condition through equal access to technology-based and research-driven information, services, and products for individuals with disabilities.

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CAMI is funded by the United States Department of Education through the First in the World grant program. The grant is administered by the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).